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George MaloofSo have you ever sat back and wondered who is responsible for making Sin City what it is today!  Las Vegas Founders is a site dedicated to outlining who was really responsible for molding Las Vegas into the gaming capital of the world!

Bugsy Siegel is a former mobster who moved his family to Las Vegas.

Elvis Presley needs no description.  He is "The King" and his favorite place in the world was Las Vegas.  His legacy still lives in Sin City and you will constantly see impersantors today!

The Maloof family is the modern day lords of Las Vegas.  George Maloof runs the family fortune which includes The Palms Hotel.

Last but not least, is the superstar Steve Wynn.  He literally helped build over half the casinos in Las Vegas and having a road was not good enough for him, in 2005 construction completed on The Wynn hotel.

We cannot forget some other important figures that helped Las Vegas along the way.  Check out The Others section and we will add discuss a couple names that did not make the short list.
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